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Welcome to Pannzian Beach!

Pannzian Beach – a special interest resort right at the heart of Pasaleng bay – offers charming accommodations, serene surroundings, and access to three hectares of natural wonders. Pannzian promotes a simple lifestyle while preserving the land and our cultural heritage.

Learn More About Us

Read through our story and find out how we create a unique beach experience. For us, it's all about going back to basics. We want to paint a completely exceptional panorama with you in it!

Our Food

We take great pride in serving fresh, organic and high-quality food. Everything is made from scratch, faithfully re-creating local dishes. At Pannzian, it's all about authenticity – and all about the food.


Whether it's a cozy bed or a tent under the stars, Pannzian features distinct rooms that complement our natural enviroment.

Some Kind Reminders:

1. Pannzian aims to keep our surroundings clean -- that means cooking inside is not allowed.
2. We have no television sets. Getting in touch with nature means no distractions.
3. We do not have a swimming pool. Instead, Pannzian offers you the Paselang Bay and the Pannzian River as fun and natural alternatives.
4. GLOBE, SUN and WI-FI signals are not yet available at Pannzian Beach. However, we do sell SMART sim cards if your still itching to stay connected with the city.

Our Address

Pannzian Beach Resort, Brgy. Pancian, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte Philippines
Phone: (02) 646 90 20
Fax: (02) 682 78 44

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