Where the river touches the sand and meets the ocean — Welcome to Pannzian Beach. Located at the heart of Pasaleng Bay, you can experience the unique pleasure of living simply in our shores.

A peaceful panorama with a storied past.

Pannzian Beach is steeped in history, starting from the time the Spanish arrived in the Philippines up to today’s modern world. A lot has changed in the world in between these eras, but the fundamentals have stayed the same.

The warmest welcome. We believe in giving our guests the same warmth that we offer to our own family. At Pannzian Beach, we don’t have stern resort managers, we have hosts and guides that are excited to serve you a hearty breakfast and give you tips about the best sun-bathing spots. You have a friendly neighborhood labrador retriever who is eager to lead you to the Pannzian River or to an adventure to a nearby barangay.

Standing strong against the currents of time. Aside from some road renovations and power line installments, Pannzian Beach still evokes the same peaceful atmosphere since the 18th century. As you explore the sights and surroundings, you will discover that every tree trunk, every grass corner, and every seaside sight have their own charm.

Pannzian Beach is a place that we call home. We want you to be a part of it.


From our family to yours

A tradition of hospitality. To know the place is to ultimately know the people who made it possible. The areas surrounding Pannzian Beach has been family owned for more than two centuries. As it passed from generation to generation, each set of owners made their own mark — Until it eventually became a private getaway for our beloved guests who desire a place of peace and serenity.

A gift for the next generation. It is our humble aspiration for Pannzian Beach to embody the importance of caring for people and for the environment. When you make a conscious effort to take care of your surroundings — by planting a flower, letting grass grow, or using natural resources responsibly — beauty and goodness will inevitably flow. 

Pannzian Beach is a breathtaking piece of paradise, tucked away in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

Pannzian Beach is the hidden gem of the north.

We take pride of our beach. To us it is a place to admire nature’s work of beauty. What makes it more special are the people. Local fishermen’s livelihood brings life to the community of Pannzian and the vastness of the shore gives you a sense of tranquility with a panoramic view of the West Philippine Sea.

Our mountains provide a sense of adventure. It is a place perfect for trekking mountains, jumping off waterfalls, and swimming in clean rivers. Aside from the adventures, it is perfect for finding ourselves and enjoying the cool breeze of the mountain.

Pannzian is the venue to unwind. Where we can stop time and enjoy the little things in life. 


How to get to Pannzian

Getting there by car

  1. From Metro Manila, take the TPLEX via the NLEX and SCTEX highway and exit through McArthur National Highway. This will lead you through Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Sur until Ilocos Norte.
  2. At Ilocos Norte, head towards the Provincial Capitol. On J.P. Rizal Avenue, make a right.
  3. Make a left of Gen. Segundo Avenue (use Mister Donut as your landmark).
  4. Head down Gen. Segundo Avenue to the National Highway.
  5. You will pass through the towns of Bacarra, Pasuquin, Burgos, Bangui and the Pagudpud Bayan.
  6. Do not enter the bayan (by turning left) but continue going straight through the highway.
  7. When you read the Patapat Bridge, the resort will be 5-10 minutes away.

Getting there by Bus

  1. We recommend our guests to take the Florida Bus Lines because they can drop our guests infront of Pannzian Beach.
  2. There are two Florida bus stations. The first is located at Lacson cor. Espana while the other one is along EDSA Cubao near Kamias.
  3. Reservations can only be done by going to the bus station and buying the ticket/s at least a day before departure.
  4. Always reserve and look for the bus that say Junction Luna/Claveria that leaves at 8pm.
  5. The bus fare may range from Php 700-800 pesos depending on the season.
  6. Another option of guests is to take any bus to Laoag City and then transfer to a provincial bus that will take you to Pannzian Beach. Hourly busses are available going to Pannzian Beach. The bus fare can range from Php 85-100 pesos again depending on the season.

Getting there by Plane

  1. Book a flight with your local travel agency to Laoag City.
  2. An airport transfer/pick-up can be arranged with Pannzian Beach at least 3 days before the set arrival date. Airport pick-up fee is Php 3000.00/one way.
  3. If you wish to take the bus to Pannzian Beach, simply take the tricycle from the airport to the Laoag City proper.
  4. For daytime arrivals, simply tell the tricycle driver to take you to the GMW bus lines terminal. Hourly buses heading to Claveria at a cost of Php 85-100 will take you to Pannzian Beach.

Why Pannzian?

In Pannzian Beach, there are no televisions sets, hardly any cellphone signal, no swimming pool or other high-tech amenities. What we have is our natural surroundings. The roaring waves, the towering mountains, the singing wind. Good books keep us company and bonfires hug us warmly when we need it. Sumptuous homegrown and organic food keep our bodies healthy and our hearts full. Local wine makes us talk and good music makes us dance.

Beyond the boundaries of the mountains behind us, there is more to discover. Our hearts pump faster whenever we go off on a Pannzian adventure: hiking up the mountains, crossing a hanging bridge, jumping off cliffs and revering powerful waterfalls. To keep us even more alive, the beach is the perfect place for a round of football, volleyball or a game of intense Ultimate Frisbee.

To wind down, we watch our world pass by under a shaded hammock by the beach. Sometimes, comfortable rooms are our choice sleeping spots. Other times, we opt for pitched tents on the shore, the stars the only witnesses to our good night’s rest.

There are no strangers here in Pannzian Beach. Only travelers from different backgrounds: perhaps a backpacker on his way to an unknown destination, a corporate executive on retreat, a couple on honeymoon, or an artist looking for inspiration. Each one on a different path, but each one shares the common love of traversing the world. Pannzian Beach becomes their shared experience.



Pannzian aims to keep our surroundings clean -- that means cooking inside is not allowed. Bringing in of food and drinks is strictly not allowed. We also do not allow placing food in our refrigerators.


We have no television sets. GLOBE, SUN and WI-FI signals are not yet available at Pannzian Beach. However, we do sell SMART sim cards if you are still itching to stay connected with the city. Getting in touch with nature means no distractions.


We do not have a swimming pool. Instead, Pannzian offers you the Paselang Bay and the Pannzian River as fun and natural alternatives.