The road to delicacy awaits

10 Stops to Pannzian


Lorenzo Fresnoza

Ten hours is a brief drive when it is shared with your loved ones. It becomes an adventure when you are driving to place where there is excitement at every stop. Pannzian has a way to give spark to travel. The Pannzian Food Stops features a map locating fun restaurants and interesting food destination along the way. So have a fun trip and enjoy.


Pannzian takes pride in delicious dishes we serve to our guests. From the recipes of Tita Bing to the various snacks you can try out before you reach our shores, we try to make lasting impressions that you can savor and relish.

More than nourishing the body we look for anything that nourishes our soul. Pannzian’s food satisfies both needs through our rich mix of Ilocano and modern comfort food.

Tita Bing’s delectable experiments resonates memories and images you never thought you had. Her meals bring you a lingering sense of calm and contentment. All her creations are made from love of the culinary arts as well as love for the environment and community.

Savor the deliciousness even before getting to Pannzian. On the way to the resort, you can stop by ten notable places that serve bits and pieces you wouldn’t want to miss. The road going to Pannzian leads to you to unexpected places where you can find all the tasty local fare to surprise your palette.

The Pannzian Food Stops features a map locating fun restaurants and interesting food destination along the way.

Dining is not only an activity that is done to fill one’s stomach. When dining is done with the family it becomes a fun recreational activity. It is the perfect time to make memories out of the dining experience.

For each regions or provinces you visit a piece of their heritage. Sometimes they are translated into architecture which can be observed in the houses and buildings in the area. The profession of the citizens can tell who they also are. Finally heritage can be translated to cuisine.

The time spent traveling with people you care for has no measure. Each moment that passes with them is a memory worth cherishing. No matter how long the road may be as long as you are with your love ones it becomes a memorable experience worth telling about.

  • Stop 1

    Malolos Bulacan is known for its historical churches and events. It also showcases a different looking form of empanada which is called Empanada De Kaliskis. The wavy golden layers makes the meal delectable and crispy. (Bulakenya’s Eatery : Bulacan Paseo del Congreso St., Malolos City, Bulacan)

  • Stop 2

    Want to try something exotic? Pampanga has it covered for you. Try the famous Batute (stuffed frogs) and the Adobong Camaru (crickets). The frog goes well with rice and the camaru can be a snack you can bring along the trip. (19 Copung Copung Grill: 222 McArthur Hi-way Balibago Angeles City, Angeles City)

  • Stop 3

    Good Earth Garden Café is an organic-themed restaurant. It serves a combination of traditional and creative dishes. One dish you shouldn’t miss out is the Malunggay Pizza. (Good Earth Garden Café :Tarlac Besa Plaza, Mac Arthur Highway, Tarlac City)

  • Stop 4

    A Patopat is like a bibingka. It is a rice dessert cooked in honey and wrapped in weaved coconut leaves. In the town of Pozorrubio, it is considered a delicacy. Annually they honor the production of their prized product by having as festival. It the best dessert to represent Pangasinan. There is no hassle in buying the product since it is scattered around the township. (Pozorrubio, Pangasinan)

  • Stop 5

    Fishing towns never miss out in creating interesting seafood variants. At Santo Tomas, your dried fish craving will certainly be satisfied. Feel free to choose from this wide range of options: Bangus, Espada, Pusit, Dilis, Sapsap, Alamang, Basosong, Monamon and Padas. (Santo Tomas Public Market (Damortis), RH 7, Rosario, La Union)


  • Stop 6

    Congratulations! You are halfway there. What a better way to celebrate this than to enjoy a cold treat. Try the Buko Halo-Halo from San Fernando, La Union. The halo-halo features ingredients that are fresh and exclusive in La Union. This is a way of showing support to the local farmers and showcasing La Union’s heritage. (Halo-Halo de Iloko: 12 Zandueta St., San Fernando City, La Union)

  • Stop 7

    Kalamay is a post-World War II meal in Candon. The locals feasted on this sweet treat when the remaining source of food was coconuts. For us it a merienda but for the people of Barag, Candon City it is the source of survival. Have a bite of history in Candon City. 7.(Candon City Public Market, Gaerlan Street, Candon City, 2710 Ilocos Sur)

  • Stop 8

    If you suddenly miss Chinese food half way through your trip, don’t fret because Vigan will be a pleasant surprise. Make a quick stop at Sanitary Restaurant to get your Chinese food fix. The name speaks for the food itself. It is indeed sanitary and tasty. A snack at the restaurant will certainly bring you several miles back to the metro, as if you’re enjoying it in the streets of Binondo. (Sanitary Restaurant: 18 Gen. Luna St., Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines)

  • Stop 9

    That’s All American food in the north. This 50’s themed restaurant is definitely a destination that you shouldn’t skip. Food (Macy’s Diner: Hotel Tiffany, Gen. Segundo Avenue, Laoag City)

  • Stop 10

    Welcome to the Home of The Senses, and certainly the home to some of the best dishes that Ilocos has to offer.



Pannzian aims to keep our surroundings clean -- that means cooking inside is not allowed. Bringing in of food and drinks is strictly not allowed. We also do not allow placing food in our refrigerators.


We have no television sets. GLOBE, SUN and WI-FI signals are not yet available at Pannzian Beach. However, we do sell SMART sim cards if you are still itching to stay connected with the city. Getting in touch with nature means no distractions.


We do not have a swimming pool. Instead, Pannzian offers you the Paselang Bay and the Pannzian River as fun and natural alternatives.