This is what vacation smells like

The art of breathing


Madelyn Ebro

There are times when we are burdened with many tasks that need our attention which mentally drain us. Doing this day-in and day-out makes us weary to the point that we are already exhausted to even think about taking a break. But have you ever thought of the possibility of taking a sensual detox through the sense of smell?


We live by breathing.

They say that the sense of smell is the most subtle form of persuasion. It is never forcing nor abrupt, instead it creates a lingering effect that draws back emotions and significant memories. It does not intrude, rather the slow movement of scent creates a lasting and deep impression of how we react. Each fragrance is unique. Each scent flows differently. Each scent is an alluring invitation to explore the details of life that your other senses cannot reach.

Allow us to take you to different kind of journey. One that will only need the simpliest things, the willingness for an adventure, the appreciation for sensorial experience, and the destination that will captivate all your senses.

Let us go on an olfactory trip at Pannzian, and through the sense of smell, understand why this experience is something more than what meets the eye.

Every day, we are faced with tasks that needs our attention, eventually draining our capacity to accomplish other activities. It is a constant challenge to do multiple things at the same time while maintaining an energetic aura. The activity we do day-in and day-out will gradually make us weary to the point that we are already exhausted to even think about taking a break. But have you ever thought of the possibility of taking a sensational detox through the sense of smell?

It’s not rocket science. It’s just a personal experience that most of us can probably relate to.

This is what vacation truly smells like.


You open your eyes. Blinking, you try to adjust to the sunlight peeking through the window. You stretch out and yawn, plopping yourself back at bed and taking a sniff of the hand-washed bed cover. The clean smelling linen makes you feel like you are home. Getting up, you open the window and the cool breeze enters the room energizing you to start your adventure.


Slowly walking towards the shore, where a strong gust of wind hits you - you inhale deeply as the fresh air mixed with scents of the sea invigorate you. Breathing-in and breathing-out, you draw air from your lungs and take-in more ocean spice. You stand still while the waves hit your feet; you are not bothered by the smell of sweat trickling down your face. You just don’t mind. Like an inviting perfume - the top notes of sun, heart note of sea salt water, and the base note of sand – brushing up against your skin leaving you with a tropical fragrance.

Middle of the ocean

As you idly lay on the boat, you stretch and yawn as the current takes you to the middle of the ocean. Moments later, you pick up on a faint seaweed scent making you slightly queasy. It is quickly replaced by a familiar smell that enters your nostrils – the warm air that mixes with the cool water smell. Ah, vacation.


You take a break from soaking under the sun and you walk uphill towards the forest. Exhausted, you rest surrounded by the scent of the forest – crisp mountain air, woody and musky. Walking up a few steps, you breathe in the raw smell of soil and the vapor of trapped rainwater around you. All of these give a stimulating boost to your senses.


Walking back towards the hotel, you a faint sweet smell. You take a deep and slow breath. Following the scent, you step on a pathway leading to what seems like a secret garden. As you reach the middle of the garden, an explosion of fragrant notes encloses you, A rich scent of roses, daisies, and orchids fills your lungs making you want to keep some for yourself.


Enjoying nature makes you crave for something satisfying. En route to the dining area, you are greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. As you sit down opposite the kitchen, you are already treated to a mouth-watering menu. The smell of chopped spring onion, parsley, and rosemary being mixed with sweet mangoes and cherry tomatoes makes you crave for more food. The smell of butter being melted on the pan makes you dream of popcorn. As you wait for the food to be served, you think to yourself indeed this is paradise.



Pannzian aims to keep our surroundings clean -- that means cooking inside is not allowed. Bringing in of food and drinks is strictly not allowed. We also do not allow placing food in our refrigerators.


We have no television sets. GLOBE, SUN and WI-FI signals are not yet available at Pannzian Beach. However, we do sell SMART sim cards if you are still itching to stay connected with the city. Getting in touch with nature means no distractions.


We do not have a swimming pool. Instead, Pannzian offers you the Paselang Bay and the Pannzian River as fun and natural alternatives.