Light hearted fun

Building sand castles


Madelyn Ebro

Going to the beach is enjoyed by everyone, from your parents to your younger siblings. The usual activity that one would often do at the beach probably involve a leisurely walk with your parents while the soft bed of sand would see it’s way in between your toes or a lively swimming chase with your siblings that could go on until the your skin turns to red.

The truth is that you should begin to see the other side on how you can enjoy the beach. Think of it this way – we are fortunate enough that we are surrounded by bodies of water. The more bodies of water around us, the more choices of beach to visit!

It is an open playground where you can run as fast as you can; waddle your feet against the waves on the shore; lazily lounge under the cool shade of the coconut tree, or the beach can even be a canvass where you dream, create, and build your own sand castle.

Yes, your very own castle by the beach!

Building sand castle can be the last option you’ll probably think of doing with your family. But once you begin to master the secret to creating the most fortified sand castle, you will be confident to challenge your sibling, “May the strongest castle win!”

So sit back, relax for a moment, read this article, and let the competitive spirit kick in. We’ll show you how to build the ultimate wave-free sand castle structure that your younger sibling will have trouble tearing down. Guaranteed!

(IMPORTANT: Do not let your sibling see this cheat sheet!)

The Basics

We begin with having the basic ingredients: sand and water. Water is necessary for building sand castles because you can’t do anything with using sand alone. Forming the structure of your castle needs some sort of glue to bind the granules together.

The Tools

We encourage using your bare hands to form the foundation of your sand castle. Using your bare hands will make you feel the warmth of the sun from the sand. But in order to create a sturdier foundation, you need to rely on tools. The firmer the foundation, the stronger the sand castle can be.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A light-weight shovel you can handle – you can scoop and pack sand with this tool
  • Varying sizes of buckets or pails – this is to be used on making the towers
  • Silver spoon – for creating details such as windows
  • A sturdy spatula – this is to create body through carving

The Method

Now that you’re armed and ready, it’s time to actually start building your fortress. This is where the fun begins.

  • Draw the outline of your castle. By doing this, you’ll be able to know how big your castle is and where it will stand. Don’t forget to include a pathway or entrance to the castle!
  • Dig out the sand surrounding the outline of your castle. Make sure that you are piling sand a little bit higher than the center of the castle. A bowl-like mound should be made from your sand pile.
  • Carefully add water to the center of the sand pile. This is an important step because you need to compact the sand with water to create foundations.
  • Plod the pile until it feels very solid and stable. You need to keep the moisture in the sand, so continue to add water as necessary.
  • Using the buckets, begin packing sand for the towers. If you don’t have any bucket or pail, you may try the ‘pancake method’. Pancake method is stacking small flat surfaces together and once completed you will end up with a high pile of smooth and compressed sand.
  • To create the walls you must slice off the sides of the other towers. Make sure that you have a smooth surface for a realistic look of the castle.
  • Taking your silver spoon, it’s time to decorate your castle! Be careful when scooping out sand to create windows and other details.
  • Enjoy your reign, dear master of the sand castle!



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