Music connects us all

On The Road: A Pannzian Mixtape


Lorenzo Fresnoza

For people who desire to escape the city, here’s our gift to you. Get away from the noise of the city for just for a while. Let the ticking of clocks, honking of cars in traffic, and ringing of phones die out. Detach yourself from whining kids throwing tantrums in the wee hours of the night and bustling karaoke competitions in your neighborhood. Indeed, it never gets louder in the city.

When was the last time you got out of the city? Free from deadlines, chores, responsibility, and chaos. Inside our home we never had a true moment of stillness because of the distractions brought about by the television and the internet. The city streets greets us with its own brand of noise and it seems like we have lost calming sounds in the metropolis.

Oksana Ruks says, “The serenity of the lulling ocean is a wondrous thing to behold more precious than the gems coveted and covered in platinum or gold”. It is true; serenity is an experience which cannot be bought. It can be however, be pursued.

Serenity is buried inside all of us, under the all that daily routine. We are so focused on what is happening outside of ourselves that we forget to be our own best friend, taking the inner voice within us for granted.

In Pannzian you are cut-off from the stress of the city life. That means no television, faint Wi-Fi signals and weak mobile signals. Without cars and heavy traffic, the vast ocean and majestic mountains become your close companions. The noise you often complain about will be gone for a moment. Being surrounded by nature’s sounds, might just be, the best part of your stay.

Hearing the brushing sounds of the shore and the trees is therapeutic, and perhaps enough to some people who are trying to find themselves while they get lost in the moment.

Sound helps us to get attuned with what we are doing. We can listen to sounds to shift our moods when it’s needed. Diverting negative emotions brought about by stress is possible by listening to sounds found in nature. It makes you think about things in life. Once you are in that state of reflection, details clear-up and is put on perspective.

Here are samples of what you may hear in Pannzian. The real thing is better but we would like to remind you of what peaceful sounds like:

1. Crashing of the waves onto the shore. Visualize a warm hug pulling you to the state of sleep.

2. Chirping of crickets and of the birds. It reminds you of the coolness of the night and of the sunlight in the morning.

3. Whistling of the wind. A silent companion cheering you up or a friend being with you.

4. Flowing of the river. An inviting call for a swim in the fresh water.

5. Crackling bonfire sound. A strong desire in to keep up with the light of the moon.



Pannzian aims to keep our surroundings clean -- that means cooking inside is not allowed. Bringing in of food and drinks is strictly not allowed. We also do not allow placing food in our refrigerators.


We have no television sets. GLOBE, SUN and WI-FI signals are not yet available at Pannzian Beach. However, we do sell SMART sim cards if you are still itching to stay connected with the city. Getting in touch with nature means no distractions.


We do not have a swimming pool. Instead, Pannzian offers you the Paselang Bay and the Pannzian River as fun and natural alternatives.